A group of skin care professianal , Knowing all world best practices of skin care & damage repairs treatment. Team has more than 20 years of experience in the field of skincare. Having worked in big cosmetology brand & huge on-ground expeince our team is thrives to continuously promote Innovation through our skincare products. We are very much passionate about the Indian Salon industry and maintaining its standards, we continued to develop both professionally and personally. where our involvement in maintaining high standards in quality and education. Showing the Indian salon Industry a path to success & profitability with a wide range of skincare. Today the brand is well now in north india & widely distributed across other part of the country.


Sqinox believes that the well being of the environment is dependent upon the well-being of the people comprising it. As a corporate, we have a responsibility to respect the World for the sustainability and well being of the future generations. Most products are manufactured using the best possible combinations of renewable resources and eco friendly practices. To support this,Sqinox has planted trees specially sown by its workers children around the Factory area & other part if the country as well . We also emphasize on reducing pollution by increasing the efficiency and reducing the wastage. Sqinox fully complies to all the norms of the ISO to fulfill the environmental norms. Moreover, Sqinox has been using cartons made out of recyclable paper to conserve energy and provide effective in its operation's. Moving towards the social side, we have been donating to the NGO operated by the Director of the compnay to provide food & education to the Children of poor & needy people of the country , a small step to share what we have with our needy fellows . Infect, we at Sqinox are passionate animal lovers and donate generously to the Animal NGOS. Not only this, our loving team has adopted orphan dogs to provide them a better hom


Sqinox is a passionate animal lover which believes that the development of cosmetic products must avoid the testing on animals. While keeping in contact with the demands of the society, the R&D team at Sqinox works day and night to comply with the legal requirements. Sqinox has been working towards developing alternative ways for animal testing by consenting human volunteers in the form of Irritation and sensitization tests of the product