SQINOX Anti Acne Blueberry Facial : 6 Step Facial Kit.

Enriched with Blueberries antioxidants and vitamin-A, vitamin-C, and vitamin-E contained in
blueberries. Regular use of blueberry facial can gives you youthful looking skin and brighten up
dull or sun-damaged skin. Prevent & cure acne for those with skin that is prone to acne, blueberries
facial can help you achieve blemish-free skin.

SQINOX Blueberry facial Cleanser

Rich with Blueberry and Vitamin-C extracts. Provide youthful appearance by fading Dark Spot & and reducing the excess oil.
HOW TO USE : Apply on the face & around neck in Circular motion, massage gently and wipe off.

SQINOX Blueberry facial Tonic

Enriched with Antioxident & Vitamin-C ; Make skin look younger & tighter ; bright & lighted skin tone.
HOW TO USE: Apply on the face and Gently tap till it absorbed by the skin, can also be used with Mask for better result.

SQINOX Blueberry facial SCRUB

Rich with Orange and Vitamin-C and Antioxidants which clean the skin pore. Exfoliates the skin and give a fair & radiant Appearance.
HOW TO USE: Take a Dab of scrub and softly massage on face & neck , do not rub it too hard and avoid using around eyes & breakouts. .

SQINOX Blueberry facial Cream

Rich with Blueberry and Vitamin-C and Antioxidants .Smoothing & refreshing cream gives fare & radiant appearance while whitening the skin.
HOW TO USE: Direction to use : Apply on the face & neck with upward stroke.

SQINOX Blueberry Facial Mask

Rich in Blueberry & Vitamin -C extract. Strengthens and collagen and whitening the skin
HOW TO USE: Apply on the Mask evenly on the face & neck. Leave it for 15 minutes then wipe it out.


Brightening & Whitening ; An advance Serum that help to collagen , whitens the skin & Provide Immediate Cell Repair ; Offers Smooth Texture & Even tone to the Skin.
HOW TO USE : Apply tiny dots of serum on clean face ,then gently massage till it absorbed by the skin. .