SQINOX Green Apple Whitening Facial : 6 Step Facial Kit.

Enriched with Green Apple antioxidants and vitamin-A, vitamin-C,
and vitamin-E contained in Green Apple. Have several Benefit Such as · Fights wrinkles.
Due to the fact that apples are chock-full of antioxidants, they will help
keep your skin elastic and fight off the aging process
· Improves skin's texture
· Whitens and brightens
· Provides a vitamin-C boost to skin
· Combats acne
· Provides natural sun protection

SQINOX Green Apple facial Cleanser

Pore cleansing & lightening Complexion ,Help to provide youthful appearance by hydrating & brighting skin.
HOW TO USE : OApply on the face & around neck in Circular motion, massage gently and wipe off.

SQINOX Green Apple Tonic

Enriched with antioxident & Vitamin-C help skin to look younger & tighter . Bright & lighted skin tone.
HOW TO USE: Apply on the face and Gently tap till it absorbed by the skin, can also be used with Mask for better result.


Rich with green apple extract , Exfoliates the skin, remove dirt with deep cleansing & hydrating the skin. Provide even toned face . .
HOW TO USE: Take a Dab of scrub and softly massage on entire face ,do not rub it too hard and avoid using around eyes & breakouts. Pay special attention to the nose , chin & Neck. .

SQINOX Green Apple facial Cream

Rich with Green apple and Vitamin-C and Antioxidants .Smoothing & refreshing cream gives fare & radiant appearance while whitening the skin.
HOW TO USE: Direction to use : Apply on the face & neck with upward stroke.

SQINOX Green Apple Facial Mask

Rich with green apple extract & Vitamic -C , Gives a radiant , hydrating & youthful appearance. .
HOW TO USE: Apply on the Mask evenly on the face & neck. Leave it for 15 minutes then wipe it out with warm towel.


Brightening & Whitening ; An advance Serum that help to collagen , whitens the skin & Provide Immediate Cell Repair ; Offers Smooth Texture & Even tone to the Skin.
HOW TO USE : Apply tiny dots of serum on clean face ,then gently massage till it absorbed by the skin. .